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Richard A. Kiers

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A Monster Under The Bed
Out of the Darkness
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I live in Victoria, British Columbia. I have three sons, almost all grown up, life is always interesting and sometimes even challenging. We always seem to come out with a smile no matter what hits us.
Raised in the Christian Reformed Church in Southern Ontario till I was 10. We joined a Group called "The Move" and moved to a commune in British Columbia in 1972. I lived there for only a few short years when I realized I had to leave or die. I have spent the rest of my life learning to be me.
I was married once, it was a mistake other than the fact that I have three awesome young men that came out of it. I have been in two other serious relationships where I learned a lot about love, respect, and commitment.  I am not sure why I am alone, but maybe it's best to just learn to love being alone. I do enjoy life.
Someone recently told me that I am the king of "Shit Happens" I suppose eventually one just stops trying to fix everything.
I am a writer, I have always tried to be a good man, father and friend. I love the ocean and will never give it up again. I've put down roots in Victoria, am building a new future and life. I know what my expectations are and will accept nothing less, ever again.

My Current Project / Juliet

Books I have written:

Destined for Disillusion               Novel                          2000

A Monster Under the Bed            Self Help                     2004

Mastering Monsters                    Self Help                     2005

The Christmas Bell                      Kids                            1995

Turkey Again?                              Kids                            1996

Do Rabbits really lay Eggs?        Kids                            1998

To Save a Country                       Canadian Politics       2006

The Canadian Folly                      Canadian Politics       2005

Out of the Darkness                    Personal Life story     2006 

The Currency of Love                  Self Help                     2008

NEW  The Prince of darkness     Mythical                      2010