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Richard A. Kiers

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I Paint a Picture

Richard A. Kiers


I close my eyes and paint a picture,

A sky of blue, Fields of green,

Perfection, only a brush stroke away.


With each breath I take,

I can see the mountains, trees, A brook with clear, glacier water,

Soft billowing clouds weightless aloft.

Moments pass into time as the beauty surrounds me,


I can hear the brook singing,

Feel a gentle breeze blowing across my brow,

There is peace, and total tranquility.

I can see it, Touch and hear it,


Eyelids tightened harder,

Trying desperately to hold the image,

Knowing all to well, tomorrow my eyes will open,

The picture will be gone.


I live each day knowing,

When I lay down to rest,

Pallet and brush will return to my hand,

And when I close my eyes,

I will paint a picture

You Can't Wake up Dead.

Richard A. Kiers


Darkness around me

Filling the night

A heart full of anguish

Frustration and fright


Daylight is coming

As sure is the sun

Remember the morning

It always does come


With daylight comes laughter

Children and toys

Birds in the treetops

Barefoot small boys


Cats in the garden,

Dogs on a leash

The silence is broken

A lesson to teach


Alone in the darkness

Fear may be strong

But the morning it comes

Awake and be strong


Lost love forgotten

Faith will return

The sun brings us new life

The past it will burn


Remember each night

When you crawl into bed

The morning will come

You can’t wake up dead!




The Gift

Richard A Kiers


To the sky I look for peace

The earth my foundation,

And in you love

I find my strength


The future looming

Tomorrow uncertain

Yesterday behind me

Today I know what to do


Hold you I’ll do

Look into your eyes

Walk hand in hand

Till we’re 85


Give you my heart

And hold yours with care

Make certain to love you

I’ll always be there


Respect is for certain

Honor so true

A gift God has given

That gift love is you

Unknowingly Beautiful

Richard A. Kiers


She said,

“Paint me something beautiful.”

So I mixed browns and yellows together

To create the color of her face

And red into pink

To form the color of her lips

I made the background blue

To make it look like she was in the clouds,

For she really was heavenly.

When I was done I named it

“Beautiful Lady”

And gave it to her

She took one look

And made my smile disappear.

She simply stared at it

With no expression on her face

Because she had told me

To paint something beautiful

And I thought I had.



Are you there?



Who sees the frown behind the clown’s mask?

The sorrow behind the geisha’s immaculate face?

Who sees the sadness in the Mona Lisa’s smile?

Who sees through the actors act?

Who distinguishes the voice of the ventriloquist

from that of the helpless dummy?

Who looks beyond the mask I hide behind

and sees the pain and hurt within me?

Who will find their way through this fortress I have built,

to give me strength to stand up once again?

Who looks beyond the smiles and the laughter

and sees the tears in my eyes?

Who will come and touch this heart of mine,

and teach me how to love again?


Richard A Kiers


Watch the leaves as they float to the ground?

Smell fall in the air, feel the wind blow around

When water to crystal, ice does appear

Again we have autumn, it’s that time of year


Watch the squirrels they scamper, and gather up food

The light winds create a romantic mood

Soon winter will come with blistering snow

But under its depths new roots start to grow


With spring there comes flowers, and fruit trees in bloom

New life filled with and laughter, our lives will resume

Strive hard to succeed, our future to be

Alone or together I suppose we shall see


Come summer our past will seem far away

Our lives will go on, alone every day

I still think of you as the time passes by

To quit or go on, it’s hard just to try.


Again autumn leaves will float to the ground

Smell fall in the air as the wind blows around

When water to crystal, ice does appear

Remember I love you, forever my dear.