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Richard A. Kiers

New years resolution 2007

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1.  I will stay the course, continue building on past success, become stronger, healthier, learn to forgive, but at the same time learn what is acceptable and not accebtable in how others treat me.
2.  I will work how ever many hours per day, days per week, that it will take to pay off all my bills and buy a boat, must have a boat on the west coast!.
3.  My company will continue to grow in leaps and bounds (32% ahead of last year as of July 28th) Building a 15 floor highrise in down town Victoria!!!!!
4.  Today is the first day of the last 5 years I will work before I retire
5.  I will take at least one holiday "Cuba" in 2007 (going in November 2007)
6.  Another one of my writings will be published in 2007 (This has been acheaved)
7.  Nothing or No One will keep me from my dreams ( have acheaved some closure with Laurie, life is good)
8.  I will own my own home again in 2007! (This has been acheaved)
9. I will own a new car in 2007 ( I now drive a 528i BMW, goal acheaved)