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Richard A. Kiers

"The Move" Terminology

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"The Move" is a religeous group formed in the late 60's that grew to it's peak in the mid 70's and now is almost extinct other than a few who are to afraid to leave or to afraid of Hell.

Father ministry = group of leaders who make all the rules for everyone in "the move"


Deeper in = A place to hide from the world where not even a nuke can get you, deep in the literal forest, where you eat roots and bark and woman use moss as sanitary products.


The body = the entire group of movites around the world who make up the church, or “body” of Christ.


Body house = a literal house where body members live in communal living, and where the farm people can stop for a rest when in town shopping.


Family = a word used to gather the people for dinner, May Moore made this popular with her unique shout “FAMILLLLYYYY” Actually "family" consisted of anyone and everyone in "the move"


The Flesh = anything and everything to do with reality and a desire to enjoy it.


Outer Court = Christians but not movites


Inner court = Movites, better than other Christians , God's chosen few


Walking out the year = sneaking around behind buildings and holding hands without getting caught for 12 months before being allowed to get married.


End times = the last days before the world ends, these were the days just before 1975, 1982, 1986, and 2000 when the world was supposed to end. Apparently we live in these times stil and again!


Praises = 1 – 2 hours of knee-buckling worship with kids fainting


Confirmation of the Prophet ministry =


Deep calling unto the deep = Have you ever seen "Finding Nemo"?


I witness to that = Someone in the move agrees with someone in the move to something that is totally irrelevent!


Sister = Every woman in the Move,  and nuns


Brother = Every Man in the Move, and priests


Spoiling the Egyptians =


The many membered body of Christ =  All the Christians in the world, but the members in the Move are the "head"


Line Upon Line =


Precept upon Precept =


Rebellious spirit = Me


Foolish Spirit =


The Spirit =


The Lord spoke to me =


I heard from the Lord =


Visions =


Seeking confirmation =


Babylon = Everything out side o f the move


Submission = do as you are told without question.


Death to Self = Giving up everything that is not approved by the elders and the father ministry, giving up everything enjoyable and fun.


Prophesy (a la Move) =


Higher revelation = When Sam Fife told us he was not going to die, he had anotehr revelation he was going to tell us but he die before he could tell..


Mountain top experience = very one who ever climbed Pink Mountain


Going on to perfection = being so into The Move that all of what was you, is gone.


Sons of God =


Sword = the bible, usually King James version, used to cut apart anyone who tries to challenge the move or the elders of the move.


Calling =


Falling out = Somthing that happened to many of us when we left The Move


Confirmation =


Harlot = women who wear pants and makeup


Darts and Arrows = What are hurled at movites anytime anyone challenges the religion. They really hurt!


Going on to perfection =


Traveling ministry = Those who really don’t want to live on the farms and eat whole wheat bread and onion soup all the time.


Deeper calling =


Deceived = Every one not in The Move is wrong even if they think they are right because Sam said so!


Rule and reign = To be the bosses of everyone on earth after the Nuclear bombs hit.


One world government = What George Bush is trying to do right now, be the big boss of everyone!


Beast = Satan and everything to do with Satan


Nature of the Beast = Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, oh yea and Rapp!


First Fruits =


30 / 60 / 100 fold =


Devine order =


Order of Melchizedek =


Don’t touch the Lord’s anointed = you dare not question authority ie., the "move " leaders.


Redeeming creation  =


Five Fold Ministry = apostles, prophets, evangelists, elders or pastors


Board of education = a wooden board used to educate children by smacking on the behind


Seat of learning = the padded part of ones anatomy that God gave us all as a place to apply the Board of education.


Whore of Babylon = mainline churches


Satan Clause = Santa Clause


Manifested Sons of God = People in the move


The Bride = The Move


New creation of old things passed away = no pictures of anything from our past


many-membered manchild


going through a battle


listening to the flesh




If you would like to send me a definition for any of the above mentioned terms, or send me another term that we have missed, please send it right here today!